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Share, Collect, and Discover Your Favorites With Friends

Welcome to a better way to see what your trusted friends recommend just for you.

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I've always wanted a way to keep up with what my friends were reading or doing in a more intimate way...thrilled to have found Endorse!

Daniel F.

Harvard College '20, PhD Candidate in Physics at Harvard University 'TBD
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A more intimate way to share.

Endorse your favorite books, articles, newsletters, podcasts, videos, restaurants, and more to the people you care about.

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Catalog your favorites in (shared) collections

Say bye-bye to keeping dusty notes of your friends' favorite places or forgetting altogether. Create a collection for yourself or collaborate with friends.

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Discover a whole new world.

Explore endorsements within your 1st and 2nd degree networks and discover our curated content updated daily.

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Curated content. 1x/week. Based on your interests.

You read it right—our staff will handpick content just for you based on what you already love to read & do. Downloading Endorse means we also get to know you better.

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